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Train Horn Kit Components

Train Horn Kit Parts

In order to get a good idea of what is all necessary to install your own train horn to your car or truck, let’s start with all of the parts that are included and necessary to install.

Train Horns:

Train Horns are manufactured by many different companies, but my goal with trainhornkits.net was to focus only on the top brands, because after all, what’s the point in having a train horn if its not loud enough for anyone to hear. 

Nathan Airchime:

As a basic intro to the Airchime line, they manufactured M, P, and K series horns and each has a unique sound.  When you see “Nathan AirChime K5LA” the 5 represents the number of bells or horns in the kit.  In this case there are 5 bells on the kit.  The K is an older line of horns that Airchime manufactured and these are still in commercial use today, mainly mining and other industrial applications.  It is also the most widely used train horn on locomotives today.  The M is a mellower horn, generally more costly, but has been around a long time.


Hornblasters developed their own line of train horn kits.  There kits are widely regarded as being some of the best on the market.  It also has a very large following online on both social media and forums thus improving their reputation as one of the best horns around. 


Kleinn Manufactures four different train horns.  They include Model 220 Dual Train Horn, Model 230 Train Horn, 500 Series Train Horns, and Model 630 Train Horn.  Each of these horns will offer a unique sound to the customer and is really a preference of the end buyer on which model to go with.  Below are the specs for each horn.

Model 630 Train Horn:

  • Our loudest horn!
  • 154 db output - Sound clip
  • Chrome plated copper trumpets
  • Detachable trumpets
  • Authentic train horn sound
  • 17.5", 14.5" and 11.5" trumpets

Model 230 Train Horn:

  • "The Beast" Triple Train Horn
  • 153 db output - Sound clip
  • Black ABS Trumpets
  • Detachable trumpets
  • Authentic train horn sound
  • 17.5", 14.5" and 11.5" trumpets

Model 220 Dual Train Horn:

  • Two Trumpet Train Horn
  • 154 db output - Sound clip
  • Black ABS Trumpets
  • Separate Trumpets
  • Includes 2 Solenoids
  • 15.5" and 10.5" trumpets

500 Series Train Horns:

  • Three trumpet train horn
  • 151 - 154 db output - Sound clip
  • Chrome plated trumpets
  • Reversible trumpets
  • Authentic train horn sound
  • 16", 14" and 11" trumpets

As you can see, each series has a little different specs that contributes to offering a unique sound.  All of these horns discussed connect to an air compressor, which we will talk about next.

Train Horn Air Tanks:

The Train Horn’s air tank is an essential part of the train horn kit.  It stores all of the air for the horn blasts.  Now, these horns are rather large and will go through quite a bit of air in a quick amount of time, so it is imperative that you match the size of your tank with the size of your horn.  Our prepackaged train horn kits have all been tested and made to match a good horn and tank.  Some enthusiasts have been known to carry up to 12 gallons of air for their horns. 

As stated earlier, our kits are all top of the line products and were designed specifically for a train horn kit.  Now if you do decide to buy your air tank elsewhere, it is important to check the condition and history of the tank before buying.  This will be very high pressured and you don’t want to risk it leaking or having faulty gauges and seals.  

Train Horn Compressors: 

All of our kits come with compressors ready to go.  Most of our compressors are made by Viair, which is a large manufacturer that supplies to many fortune 500 companies.  We did not skimp on these compressors and these are sure to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The next step up for air compressors would be to go with a much more powerful compressor such as an Oasis compressor.  These can run any air powered tool that you would need in your car.  Keep in mind, these compressors are not cheap and will most likely run you $1,000+.  For the purpose of filling the air tanks and using our horns, the Viair compressors are more than capable of supplying even the biggest horns.

Train Horn Pressure Switch:

The pressure switch would be used to maintain the right amount of pressure in your air tank.  It tells the compressor when to turn on and off.  Once you set your desired pressure, the pressure switch will be used to maintain that level.  We recommend between 110-160 PSI.

Train Horn Hoses:

Our hoses are 100% brand new and are designed specifically with the train horns use in mind.  It should be noted that these are exposed to all of the exterior elements and can tend to wear out over time. It is important to make sure these stay clean and if you are in a northern state, try to keep the corrosive winter salts off of the lines if possible.

Train Horn Valves & Switches:

The valve is your switch to sound the horn. The most popular valve is an electric switch that will instantly turn the horn on and off.  The manual valves involve air lines and can sometimes be more tedious and not as fast reacting.  All of our kits include a valve with them and as is the theme, they are top of the line.