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Trainhornkits.net was developed with one thing in mind:  the customer.  When my passion for train horns and train horn kits started many years ago I found it extremely difficult to navigate the web to find good reliable information.  I was spinning my wheels trying to find a reliable manufacturer to provide me with what I am looking for, a LOUD train horn kit.  This site compiles years of research to bring my customers the best train horns on the market in one easy to navigate site. 

I have put in endless hours developing trainhornkits.net and I want it to be the leader in the train horn market.  I grew up in the blistery cold Minnesota weather, but always would find myself outside freezing as I would watch train after train pass. I became infatuated with their horns and the many sounds the trains made.  When I learned that these parts were made and you could buy train horn kits for your car, I knew I would be a fan for life.  With this site, I always enjoy talking to customers and providing good quality to service to help feed their passion for Train Horns.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime with questions.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to working with you!